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Wellbeing Breakthrough Discovery Session

Includes 1 x 20 minute session


Does the thought of getting started to make your health a priority feel like a daunting task that you just don’t have time for? The truth is, with the support of a coach and a few new skills, creating a life of vibrant wellbeing is more accessible than you think.

Whether you: Are feeling depleted and overwhelmed with all that’s on your plate.

Crave peace of mind and want to better manage stress.

Feel stuck and want more flow and creativity in your life.

Seek balance between raising a family, working, and finding time for yourself.

Long for quality sleep that leaves you feeling well rested.

Have aches and pains due to trauma, injury or years of putting others needs before your own.

Desire the discipline to establish a yoga or movement routine that fits into your active lifestyle.

I'm here to help. I am a National Board of Medical Examiners' Board Certified Health & Wellness coach and have been helping people learn to live well for over 20 years.

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